Our Fair Usage Policy

You agree to these terms by using Nebula iHost or any services provided by Nebula iHost, any related service or services offered by it’s partners:

1.0 Fair Usage Policy

A Fair Usage policy is in place to ensure all of the users at Nebula iHost gets the service that they have paid for with acceptable quality without hampering the experience or performance of other users.

1.1 Shared Hosting

  1. The shared hosting packages come with an inode limit or file count limit that limits how many files can be hosted on a hosting package.
  2. The Shared Hosting package can only be used to host website content (Website Files, Active Email Data, or User Data from the hosted website). It can not be used to store any other kinds of data such as Personal File Storage, Media, or any other kind of data.
  3. Excessive Usage of CPU or RAM Resources in a continuous manner is not allowed
  4. A single user may never use more than 25% of the resources allocated on a shared server.
  5. Users can use allocated shared hosting storage to generate websites backup and download it immediately. But we do not recommend to store the backup in their shared hosting account. Please download the backup file immediately and store it locally or re-upload it to any cloud storage services. Because, We cleanup any backup files (example .zip, .wpress, .tar.zip files) or any kind of stored files (that are not relevant to your website including Trash) every 7-15 days. And if you keep the backup stored in your shared hosting account, it might be deleted automatically anytime and Nebula iHost won’t be responsible to restore that data. We recommend to use our “Cloud Backup” service and let us handle the backup job for you.
  6. Please be aware that, as a part of our shared hosting storage fair usage policy we search and delete any .zip, .tar.zip, .wpress file above 100 MB every 7-15 days from all shared hosting users accounts in order to keep your account tidy and the storage usage minimal for better server performance. So, we recommend you not to store any downloadable file above 100 MB in your shared hosting account. Instead, you can use file storage services like Media Fire, Google drive, One drive, or any file delivery CDN services to store your downloadable files associated with your website. Nebula iHost will not be responsible if you lose such data.

Nebula iHost Reserves the right to review the file usage pattern for the user. Any user found violating fair usage or affecting other users can lead to immediate suspension or termination of the account without providing the user any backup of the data according to our TOS.

1.2 Cloud VPS Servers

Cloud VPS Servers offered by Nebula iHost are limited by the resources assigned to those packages. Users may fairly use the resources allocated to them as long as it does not hamper other users.

1.3 Responsibility for the Stored Data

The user is solely responsible for the data stored on their account and their website. Nebula iHost is not responsible for the customer’s data and the customer should regularly keep an offline backup copy of their data separate from the hosting service. The user may download their current full backup of their cPanel shared hosting from their cPanel account and can also access previous backup data for up to the past 3 months with our “Cloud Backup” Add-on Service (Only Available for Shared Hosting Packages and previous backups may only be retained after activation of the backup service). Nebula iHost is not responsible for any damage to user’s business may suffer due to any kind of delay, data loss, or service interruption caused by Nebula iHost or Our Employees. Nebula iHost does not make any kind of warranties directly or indirectly. Users agree to take full responsibility for their data and to maintain appropriate backups of their data separate from Nebula iHost Servers. Also, even after taking backup service from Nebula iHost, the customer has to keep a separate backup copy on his own responsibility.
Backup of data is never kept for Cloud VPS Services or Dedicated Server unless it is explicitly mentioned with the service, or additional backup service is taken from us. In any case, the customer should always keep a local backup of their data.

Nebula iHost will not be liable for any unauthorized access to any of your services or servers taken from Nebula iHost. Who can access any user’s service, and who can’t, is entirely the responsibility of that user (you). If any authorized or unauthorized user does anything to the server or causes any issues, that responsibility as the owner of the service also belongs to that owner user (You). Due to any kind of security weakness or vulnerability on your part, if an authorized or unauthorized user causes any damage by accessing the server, you are solely responsible for it.

Nebula iHost Reserves the right to review, update, or modify the terms in the Fair Usage Policy without any further notice.

Last updated: 20 February 2023